We have been providing production services to large & small companies, television networks, and independent producers since 1976.


What we do

Atlanta Video is a full service video production company providing customized services for projects of just about any scale and genre. We do single camera location shoots, multi-camera broadcast events, web streaming, studio and green screen recordings, and broadcast quality editing/graphics. Our expertise extends to Corporate, Web Branding Videos, TV Pilot and Program Production, Training Videos, Music Videos, Documentaries, Meetings, and TV Commercials.

who we are

We are a boutique shop working with Atlanta's best Producer's, Director's, Videographers, Writers, Editors, and Graphic Artists. We are experts at matching the right production teams and facilities with the production needs of our clients. At Atlanta Video, you pay for only what you need.


our approach

Regardless of genre or budget, we approach every project with the same goal... we strive to exceed your expectations. We start by working with you to precisely define your objective. We then search our database for relevant media models with a proven record of success. We next prepare a detailed budget with a creative approach at no cost. Once the project is approved we staff it with the best talent in the Atlanta market.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to production services


We've done just about every conceivable type of location and studio shoot. We've interviewed Andrew Lincoln and Kenneth Branagh for HBO. We covered the 1996 Olympics for IBM. We've done remote live court cases for CourtTV. We've done reality TV work on "Being Bobby Brown" for Bravo. We've done symphonic performances for PBS and recorded concerts for James Brown and The Kinks. Our footage has been seen on A&E, TBS, NBC, The National Geographic Channel, etc. We've done specialized work including Time-Lapse, Slow Motion, Sports, Car Crashes, Web Casting, Green Screens, Multi-Camera Events, Virtual Sets, And Aerials.


Editing is never an afterthought at Atlanta Video.


Our highly experienced digital editors are masters at producing programs with engaging graphics, appropriate  music, and sequential image story telling that is both seamless and memorable. The graphics required for most productions can be done right in our edit bays. These include animated logos, animated illustrations, moving text, and 3-D effects. We have relationships with leading digital 3-D and specialized graphic houses regionally and nationally and can deliver state of the art graphics from a variety of trusted subcontractors. Editing is always a collaborative effort so we make it easy to collaborate with clients by providing on-line web videos throughout the edit process.



Most of our work is for corporate and non-profit clients of all sizes.


 We covered every phase of the 1996 Olympics for IBM. We have produced training videos for UPS and Coca-Cola. We produced a massive multi-media presentation that was installed in the High Museum of Art for the Art of Golf Show. We provided all video services on an innovative interactive Museum display for The Carlos Museum at Emory University. We produced marketing and branding videos for Elekta, IBM, GTS, ProSet, Chart BioMedical, Shaw Fabricating, The American Cancer Society, Gainesville Regional Hospital, and Dawn Foods.


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We are start to finish video program producers. 

This means we provide concept to completed project services. Pre-production planning is the key to cost effective program production. Once the plan is in place, the script honed, and the crews and talent hired, you can expect a production without major surprises or cost over-runs.

Broadcast shows we've produced have been seen on The A&E Network (Apocalypse Then Emmy Award winner), PBS (Stabat Mater symphony performance), and MTV (Cartel Music Video). We also provide live web casting services for low budget program providers. We produce TV pilots and sizzle reels and have contacts at major networks and new media distributors. We like working with start up TV ventures and can work on a partially deferred payment basis on projects we believe have potential.


Marketing Videos: Position your company as the Market Leader!

Corporate Videos: Training Videos, Interviews, Medical Videos and More.

Broadcast Videos: Our work has been seen on A&E Network, PBS, CourtTV, Bravo, and HBO.